Animal Testing Should Not Be Abused, Manipulated, Or Harmed? Essay

Animal Testing Should Not Be Abused, Manipulated, Or Harmed? Essay

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One drug, used to cure symptoms of arthritis, caused the death of more than sixty thousand people in the United States. This drug was pulled off the market in 2004 because animal testing led researchers to believe that that drug, Vioxx, was safe (New England Anti-Vivisection...). A simple arthritis drug killed thousands of people but the blame does not fall to the animals; therefore, the blame is on the researchers and scientists who trusted the animals test results to predict rightful outcomes for humans. This drug is only one of numerous cases where a drug has been recalled due to the fact that it causes harmful results that were not seen in animal experiments. An animal’s make-up is similar to that of humans, but nonetheless it is different. Animals should not have to be abused, manipulated, or harmed in experiments since those experiments yield no genuinely helpful insight on how it will affect humans. Alternative models can be used to make the results more accurate and prove that testing on animals is superfluous. Researchers should have been able to prevent numerous casualties by testing the drug using alternative methods; therefore not saving just human lives but also the quality of the lives of the animals used in these harsh lab, as well as the physical lives of multiple animals. Animal testing and experimentation is an ethical dilemma in the United States that needs to be solved because the experiments do not reflect correct human outcomes, the process the animals goes through is inhumane, and animals can be replaced with definitive, alternative models in most cases; therefore, the United States should amend the restrictions on animal testing with tighter regulations and should consider using different methods.
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...TA, “Animal Testing 101”). With these methods being an easy and better substitute than the animal testing method, more tests could be done. Also, these test results would have a more adequate impact on our advancement in medicines and treatment since they are more reliable than the ones collected in animal trials. Accordingly, the human race could thrive in the medical discovery field because the amount of time needed for the experiment would be reduced and testing of the product would not have to take place on animals than humans, testing using the alternative models gives labs the reaction that humans would have and take out the questionable factor that animal testing leaves scientist with. It is evident that alternative testing is not only more reasonable but less expensive, more dependable, and all around more beneficial than that of the latter testing on animals.

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