Essay about Animal Testing Should Be Costly

Essay about Animal Testing Should Be Costly

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Animal testing has become extremely costly. Animal testing results are not quick, especially for cosmetics. When testing a product it needs to be continually applied to detect if it’s going to irritate the skin or eyes. This can take days or weeks. During this time you have to keep the animals alive long enough to see the result. Therefore also having to supply food and water costing even more $$$. For example the eye irritant test involving rabbits to see how a product or chemical will react on human eyes cost around 1,800$ while the alternative in vitro method only cost 1,400$. Not only is the alternative more accurate but its much more cost effective and over time those 400$ will add up. Another common example is the skin sensation test, which is where a product is placed on a shaved animals skin to see how it reacts. The cost for the animal test is 6,000$ and the alternative is only 3,000$. That is a lot of money that could be used to make the product better or for the company to keep.
Some of the public can be uncomfortable using computer techniques and robots to test on. Having a live real result can be more comforting and seem more reliable than something that’s shown on a computer screen and is supposed to be right. Using a living-breathing creature has to be more accurate than technology simply saying that it’s safe. Along with being very cost effective the alternatives are more reliable and accurate. Computer stimulators have better test results and are almost half the price. Animal testing is so iffy its much more reasonable to trust advanced technology. “Computer modeling techniques are lightning-fast, and many cell-based in vitromethods are amenable to “high throughput” automation using robotics—all at a much lower c...

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...epping-stone for the US taking some steps forward. What needs to happen first is awareness. Many cosmetic users and even people who don’t use cosmetics are completely unaware that animals are even used in testing for these products. The first step the EU had to take was getting the public to understand there is an issue. The US could take a step by promoting more awareness to the Be Cruelty- Free campaign. This can happen with volunteers who are passionate about the issue. Social media is the big answer in following in the first steps of the EU ban. The average person has over 500 followers between all of the social media platforms. The more people know, and realize that animal testing for cosmetics is wrong and inaccurate the closer we can get to making a stand and being another country along with the EU to ban animal testing and become a more cruelty free country.

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