Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Every year in laboratories, hundreds, upon thousands, upon millions of animals are used, abused, plagued, diseased, and mercilessly killed for testing. On animals, people called, “vivisectors,” test loads of products, such as cosmetics, cleaning chemicals, medicines, warfare supplies, and pesticides on animals. The animals that are most commonly used are rabbits, guinea pigs,and mice, but they also tend to use other animals such as dogs, cats, cattle, swine, chickens, monkeys, reptiles, and many more. Each year inside British laboratories, nearly four million animals are experimented on. Every eight seconds, an animal dies. These animals are sentient beings, that can have emotions like fear, frustration, sadness, and loneliness. These animals are also forced into very small living quarters, such as metal cages, where they do not have the ability to be free, hunt for food, or use any of their other natural born instincts. What gives society the right to give them viruses, diseases, injuries, abuse, or even more tragic, death? Testing on animals is cruel, because the animals can not voice their opinions, so what gives society the right to endanger their rights, much less, their life?

One of the many effects of testing on animals is the injury, diseases, and viruses contracted, and the overall number of deaths caused. The animals in these labs suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, convulsion, internal bleeding, and paralysis. “Since death is the required endpoint, dying animals are not put out of their misery by euthanasia.” (Orlans) This is one of the many examples, and observations, of what happens to these innocent animals that are harmfully tested on. Animals are dying every day, just to supposedly help the human race.If the animal...

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...angerous, they are lethal, or they simply do not work. These animals are dying, being crippled, diseased, abused and used, for practically no reason.However, we have the ability to change all of this. Things do not necessarily have to be this way any more, nor do things have to be this way, ever again. With loads of dedication, we can stop this cruel hearted process. With lots of hard work, dedication, and a little love and care for these poor, innocent
animals, we can completely obliterate testing on animals. We can stop the merciless abuse these animals receive, and give them back their natural born rights. We can all work together, and rid the world of the repulsively cruel laboratories, so what reasons do we have not to do so? We can replace, and abolish, medical, chemical, cosmetic, and warfare testing on innocent animals, in many ways, so why shouldn’t we?

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