Animal Testing Should Be Abolished Essay

Animal Testing Should Be Abolished Essay

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Throughout human history, there is no question that animal testing has made a huge impact on biomedical research and the discovery of various cures and diseases. Because the opposition insists that animal testing is still necessary, the issue is a very controversial one and has attracted a lot of debate recently. Despite the fact, it is absurd to sacrifice thousands of animals every year when there better alternatives for biomedical research currently in North American society. With this in mind, Animal testing should be abolished because it is no longer ethical, animal models are not as accurate as human models, and because there are better alternatives.

For centuries, drug and chemical testing have been based on the results of laboratory dogs, rodents, rabbits and other animals. Animal testing must be abolished because of the unnecessary pain given to animals. While many of these experiments give positive results, they cause pain to the animals involved and lower their quality of life. Animals used in experimentation are “often come from breeding centers” (Ethical and Animal Welfare Considerations in Relation to Species Selection for Animal Experimentation 2). Scientists are aware of this ethical problem, and some even agree that animal testing should proceed in the most humane way possible. Animals are proven to be sentient, emotional beings that can think and feel pain. Because of this, it is absurd to accept that animal testing is still necessary. Not only that, but countless animals are used in the name of science every day. The United Kingdom Research Defense Society, admits that “the global total may be 50 million animals used in animal testing every year” (Estimates for Worldwide Laboratory in 2005 1). Moreover, The worl...

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... times in the name of biomedical research, and has helped shape the medical field today. Bernard Knight, Forensic scientist said “the use of animals in forensic science is continuing. If not increasing is painful, is sometimes mutilating experiments in order to obtain potential medical benefit.” (Animal experimentation in forensic sciences: How far have we come? 2). Regardless of the fact, animal testing can and should be abolished as it is unethical to continue the use of animals in experiments, animal models aren’t accurate for human models, and because there are better alternatives. Hundreds of animals are born in facilities and don’t know how the sun feels on their skin, or the grass under their paws. If we continue using animals in biomedical research and put animals in unnecessary pain and torture, how long will it be until we will question our own moral values?

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