Animal Testing Is Unethical, Wasteful, Archaic, And Unnecessary Essay

Animal Testing Is Unethical, Wasteful, Archaic, And Unnecessary Essay

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Animal testing is unethical, wasteful, archaic, and unnecessary. There are several moral and ethical question that come to one’s attention when deciding if an animal’s health and life is worth losing in order to find adequate treatment for humans. Animal testing is used for cosmetic and research purposes. Several painful procedure and tests are performed on animals. Animal testing is unreliable and bad science making is useless. Animal testing should be excluded because it is inhumane, unethical and there are safer more reliable alternatives.
Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in US labs every year (11 Facts). Most of the animals used for experiments are strays, from the pound, or chemically bred and engineered for the purposes of experimenting. Several awful tests are performed on the animal. One being the Lethal Dose Test; “these tests are done by first administering a specified dose, and if all of the subjects die, the dose is decreased until it leaves only half of the subjects dead” (vivisection). Another is the Draize Eye Irritancy Tests. “These tests are done to determine whether products (generally cosmetics) are safe for use on the human eye. They are usually done without anesthetic to albino rabbits who are retrained in devices to prevent them from moving their heads. These animals are observed for up to fourteen days for signs of redness, cloudiness, ulceration, swelling, discharge, hemorrhaging and/ or blindness in the tested eye” (vivisection). Every year in the U.S. over 25 million animals are used in biomedical experimentation (Neavs). Some of the animal that are tested include: dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, pigs, sheep, monkeys, rats, mice, birds, and more. Animals are experiment...

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...tly, animal testing is required under any law. Fortunately, the FDA has set a default stand for animal safety testing and will ask for the results of toxicity tests (PCRM). The FDA does recognize that animal testing isn’t ideal and they embolden the development of more practical methods, such methods do not presently exist to replace the many different animal tests. There is also no law in lace to ensure that animals used for testing are treated humanely.
In conclusion, animal testing is wrong because it is inherently inhumane, it promotes unethical business practices that have a negative impact on human health, and there are other more practical alternatives to animal testing. Animal testing enforces a lower standard of tolerating cruel behavior in society. Animal resting is a passionate and debatable topic that is frequently discussed but not, genuinely analyzed.

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