Essay about Animal Testing Is Not Safe For Animals

Essay about Animal Testing Is Not Safe For Animals

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Animals of all kinds have been suffering for far too long from animal testing. Testing animals is not a beneficial or reliable way of testing a product or for medical research. There are many different and more accurate ways to tests products or do research than on animals. Animal testing is not safe for animals which is why testing on animals is morally wrong. This essay will examine the scope of the need to illegalize all testing on any animal.

The organization of this essay will be set up in compare and contract format. The purpose
of this essay is to persuade against the use of animals for testing. I will be reviewing different viewpoints on animal testing plus including my own opinion on the matter. I will be going over the con’s and pro’s of animal testing. It will show how the con’s outweigh the pro’s substantially. I will also show how we the people can end animal testing. I will not be going over the legal side of the argument.

In the journal, “A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation,” by Christopher Anderegg, Kathy Archibald, Jarrod Bailey, Murry J. Cohen, Stephen R. Kaufman and John J. Pippin take their stance against animal testing from many different perspectives. First, the authors state their opinion about medical advances through animal testing. It is clear animals are not needed for advances in medical science. “Several medical historians argue that key discoveries in areas such as heart disease, cancer, immunology, anesthesia and psychiatry were in fact achieved through clinical research, observation of patients and human autopsy” (Anderegg, Archibald, Bailey, Cohen, Kaufman, Pippin, 2006). Then, the authors go into different studies that have failed due

to the animals result. There has been many a...

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...ould stand up for the animals dying due to animal testing and their opinion matters. This journal relates to the overall argument because it shows how far animal testing can go and why it must be stopped.

The Avalanche study or better known as “Pigs Buried Alive in Snow Study”, is unethical along with all other animal testing. Those piglets did not have to die to see the effects of hypothermia. There are many different ways for that test to have been done without the piglets dying. The other articles in this essay show that this test even if it had not have been shut down would have been unreliable information since pigs do not have the exact same makeup as humans. People should stand up to fight for the helpless animals who can not fight for themselves. It is wrong that science took animal testing so far that pigs were buried under snow left to die for 10 days.

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