Essay on Animal Testing Is Not Ethical

Essay on Animal Testing Is Not Ethical

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Is it right for us to test on innocent animals just for our human gain? The ethical issues of testing products and other needs on animals are many but when it comes down to if it is ethical, testing on animals is not ethical by any means. Animal testing is a wrongful act that causes pain on innocent animals that have no say or rights in order to stop this.
Animal testing is a growing concern because who is to say that these companies and corporations get tired or see new opportunities on testing their products in humans. What if testing humans was more beneficial than testing animals? Throughout time rules and guidelines might change for products so we should be aware of what these companies are doing to animals. Another reason why it is import to discuss animal testing is because it is wasteful in resources and time for actual humans to find a cure. Animal testing hurts millions of animals constantly and animals feel just as much as we humans do. How can we just stand by and let our fellow animals who have no voice to speak be mutilated and experimented on for the sake of science and new knowledge that might not apply to us humans? Animals have been used repeatedly throughout history of biomedical research and it goes back as far as Aristotle testing on living animals and Galen who wanted to study more anatomy of living creatures. In recent years animal testing has been under severe criticism by animal protection and animal rights groups and laws have been passed in several countries to make animal testing to be more “humane” for animals that are being tested upon.
There are some people that argue that animal testing is good for our human benefit and that it is needed to advance in technology and medicine. Some people think ...

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... put an end to animal testing and it would be prohibited for any reason. Animal testing would be abolished and other procedures would be performed and done to test out products so they could be sold safely. The positive to this solution would be that animals would be free of torture and cruelty, test results would improve in reliability, accuracy and time or money would not be wasted. The negative would be to find volunteers who are willing to be tested on. Corporations and companies could get volunteers to sign legal official documents on testing products for them in safe controlled manner. Companies could also get donated corpses, human tissue, cells and other human based things to test on. Biological based testing would greatly benefit on testing in humans because they would get accurate and reliable results. This solution would greatl benefit animals and humans.

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