Animal Testing For Non Medical Purposes Essay

Animal Testing For Non Medical Purposes Essay

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Have you ever had the flu? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5-20% of the US population contracts this illness each year ("Key Facts about Influenza (Flu) & Flu Vaccine.") Isn’t it nice that there are vaccines available to prevent this illness, as well as many others? Well, before animal testing, this was not an option. Animal experimentation is a colossal controversy in today’s society among both scientists and citizens in general. Countless amounts of people argue that it is unmoral to test products of any kind on animals, while many others argue that animal testing is just about the only way to discover new medical or other unique breakthroughs. There are many pros and cons of this topic, and a great deal of support for each side, however, after an extensive amount of research, it is clear which side comes out on top. While I agree that it is senseless to practice animal testing for non-medical purposes, it is still a necessary evil in the medicinal world. Animal testing may not be ideal, but with the technology that we currently have, it is absolutely vital to the health and well-being of both humans and animals.
Let us begin with why animal testing is such a necessity. According to The California Biomedical Research Association, for over one-hundred years, nearly every medical advancement was made possible by animal testing. It made the discovery of Insulin possible, which has proven to be absolutely crucial to the survival of diabetics ("Why Are Animals Necessary in Biomedical Research?"). According to the World Health Association, animal testing has also led to the discovery of the polio vaccine which took the worldwide occurrence of polio from 350,000 cases in 1988 to just 480 cases in 2002 ("P...

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... other methods available in this area. The logical solution is to ban animal testing for non-medicinal purposes, and continue medical animal testing at least until other means are available.
In conclusion, animal testing may not be perfect, but I hope that you can now see that it is absolutely vital to the future of our society. The number of lives that have been saved by animal experimentation is unfathomable, and some of the arguments against it are definitely valid; however, if you are for the survival of our race, the arguments for it outweigh them by far. Animal experimentation for non-medical purposes should certainly be banned, but medical animal testing needs to remain at least until equal alternatives exist. There are so many cures left to be found and so many safety measures left to be taken that it is absolutely vital that animal testing remains an option.

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