Essay on Animal Testing: Cruelty versus Benefit

Essay on Animal Testing: Cruelty versus Benefit

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Let me begin with the simple but true statement: we all are animals. For some people this might sound ridiculous, but in reality it is the sooth, whether we want it or not. What is the difference between us and other creatures? Is it our ability to think abstractly or talk or walk with the straight back? What is it that gives us the right to torture poor and innocent animals just for the sake of our own benefits? The answer is simple: it’s our eternal need to be beautiful and healthy. We are selfish monsters who kill our best friends animals. Yes, for the last few decades there has been a serious debate over the use of animals in the medical field and the product testing, but it must not be called a debate, as only one side of it is true and it must be known by all people: and this side of the debate is called: stop the violence!
“Animal testing saves lives”, “Animals experimentations prolong youth”, “Animal experimenting keeps us healthy forever” and so many other similar slogans which people hear on TV or read in the newspapers. In a teenage slang it would be called “blah…blah…blah…” or just a simple lie in a normal language that we all shouldn’t believe in. Are you asking why?
First of all many of us have heard the word vivisection, though it would be much better if no one knew what it is. Vivisection is a true representative of something evil, it is a real horror. At the first glance, the word itself sounds very scientific and academic, therefore it gives a good impression, but if we look deeper… We’ll see that this term must be avoided for the rest of our lives. With its cruelty, vivisection beats all other ways of using animals. The butcher or even the furrier would never drop any liquid into animals’ eyes which will mak...

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... don’t do this, we won’t be able to look into our children’s eyes and tell them that animals are our best friends, because that would be a blatant lie.

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