Animal Testing And Its Effects On The United States Essay

Animal Testing And Its Effects On The United States Essay

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Thousands of monkeys are experimented with just in the United States. They are restrained and starved while researchers infect them with various illnesses and then pump them full of chemicals and untested drugs. Some experiments require screws or holes to be drilled into the monkey to hold it still or perform some other type of test on it. After each animal is finished being experimented on, they are euthanised. Some monkeys are captured and taken from their families, but most of them are imported from another country. Many of the monkeys do not survive the transport to the labs. They are forced to go weeks without any food or water in a box that is not handled delicately.
Thousands of live animals are mutilated or killed during military tests. Some experiments involve breaking and then cutting off a living goat’s legs. Other animals are stabbed and have their organs removed without any sedation; they are then forced to suffer to death. Although the military has simulators that will breathe, bleed, and even die equivalent to a living being, they still resort to torturing animals. This type of animal testing is against the Animal Welfare Acts.
Different animals are used everyday in smoking experiments. Although this helps scientists see the damage that cigarettes could potentially do to humans, it causes great suffering for animals. Tobacco companies force animals to smoke cigarettes instead of using an alternative test option, and some companies cause painful and pointless tests using tobacco on animals, although it is not required by law. Many animals have smoke pumped into their lungs for days or are stuck in a room filled with tobacco smoke for hours each day. Some experiments involve painting the animal with the tar used in ...

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...he Public Health Service also oversees the actions of the Food and Drug Administration, which requires medicines and treatments to be tested on animals before it is allowed to be tested on humans. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) controls over twelve thousand research facilities and other animal related facilities. Many of the facilities under the USDA are not inspected, because the benefits of torturing an animal for human health is greater than the punishment of failing an inspection.
Animals that are in research and experimentation facilities are forced into a life of suffering. Causing a living creature pain and suffering is unethical. Therefore, animal research and experimentation is unethical. Although this debate is ongoing and millions of animals are affected every day, if this issue is addressed to enough people, animals may soon be spared.

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