Animal Testing And Its Effect On Human Understanding And Help With The Discovering Of New Medicine

Animal Testing And Its Effect On Human Understanding And Help With The Discovering Of New Medicine

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There are more effective alternatives rather than using animals in research that could provide more benefits. These alternatives could improve human understanding and help with the discovering of new medicine. Some alternatives include human volunteers, advanced computer-modeling techniques, in vitro test methods, sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues, and many more. Scientists should consider these options because public opinion matters and we could further our knowledge of what we don’t know about humans. There are a couple of interesting alternatives that could really save tons of animal lives. For an example, using blood from human volunteers to test fever-causing contaminants medicines that can save of rabbits each year. sense to study the actual human body. If scientists actually use the technology to do useful things, we could save some of our own money. Using technology could be more effective, cheaper, and could provide more benefits. Technology can be used

Although I disagree with the act of using animals in research, I am aware of the supposed benefits that it provides for humans. Animal testing is an inhumane practice that shouldn’t even be considered but it has been helpful in the biomedical research. Using animals in medical research has prolonged the lives of millions of people. Most of the women in my family were diagnosed with the disease, Diabetes. I remember watching my grandmother shoot insulin in her arm to take blood. She actually hated it but she told me that it 's was very helpful in controlling the disease. Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body’s inability to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose in the blood. Diabetes is also the leading cause of death...

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...People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), ILAR( Institutions for Laboratory Animal Research, and many others. These organizations are in charge of reaching out to the public the dangers of animal testing. We can also create a petition that works towards the ban of animal testing. Petitions are a request from the public for the government to perform a certain act. The government values the public 's opinion and they should understand our attitudes towards animal testing. There are a lot of organizations that disagree with animal testing that could persuade others. Some organizations include European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), PETA, Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and many more. We can start a movement that could change people 's perspective of what is really beneficial to medicine.

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