Animal Testing : A Controversial Issue For So Long Essay

Animal Testing : A Controversial Issue For So Long Essay

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Animal Testing
Animal testing has been a controversial issue for so long. You may hear different opinions from both sides of the argument, which both are trying to convince the other side whether it is right or cruel to use animal testing. Scientists use animals in medical fields and cosmetics-specially the ones with closest gene order to humans-to test new drugs or chemical substances on them and study the result and get to point of what they want. On the other side animal rights activists believe that scientists should not use innocent animals in experiments and it is not moral to see an animal suffer for humans benefit.
Apart from their success in medical field, what if the experiments fails? Are animal experiments necessary? Why is it legal to torture an innocent animals when they can live their own life outside a cage? And would you do such a thing to your pet? I chose this topic because since I was a kid, I have had many pets such as hamsters, birds, dogs, and etc. So I feel connected to animals and I think animal testings can be cruel most of the times. Nobody can overlook the fact that animal testing has some advantages for world, but we have to take this fact into account that its disadvantages far outweigh its advantages. And even when many alternative ways are out there, why do scientist still use animals for painful and risky procedures of testings?In this project, after thorough and unbiased examination of the issues to evaluate the validity of the arguments that are being made, we came to this idea that animal testing is not necessary for insignificant tasks.
One of the concerns of animal testing is that the result which are yield by animal testing are not always reliable. For example, Jessica Bolkler mentions in ...

... middle of paper ... organs function differently from animals because in spite of having same gene orders as animals, human body is more complex, for example a random drug that has worked successfully on animals organ may not work the same on humane organ and it may be dangerous also and has side effects. Although scientists believe that animal testing is acceptable, but is it moral to torchere them? It is not fair to change the life of free living animals and closing your eyes to the fact that they can feel the pain and sense everything else like humans?
In Europe animal testing for cosmetics has banned but in the United States it is still continuing. The chemicals that are used on animals are too dangerous and may paralyzed them or be fatal for them. With todays technology and amount of information, new methods should be replaced the old and traditional method of animal testing.

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