Essay about Animal Testing : A Better Knowledge Of Human Body

Essay about Animal Testing : A Better Knowledge Of Human Body

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Back in the 1850s, Charles Darwin proposed a theory suggesting animals be an appropriate model to facilitate more accurate biological understandings for the human race. Since then, nonhuman primates, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, etc. have been tested on in laboratories in the hope of gaining a better knowledge of the human body. With that being said, many arguments have risen in relationship to this topic. Some of which claim to be the advances in medicine that have occurred since animal testing has begun, while others focus on the inhumane tactics and procedures that these helpless animals endure. As a result, this hot topic continues to be argued with no resolutions. In the meantime, multitudes of animals continue to die in laboratories. To focus on one specific animal, being nonhuman primates, one may look at the similar DNA patterns in comparison to humans. The 98% similitude causes researchers and scientists to believe that these are prime candidates to test on. As a result, endangered primates are being held captive in tiny cages, making them more susceptible to death. While some acts have been proposed and discussed, including the CHIMP Act and Great Ape Protection Act, none of which have been very successful in banishing testing on primates once and for all. While all of these details are considered, one question still remains, “Do people have a moral obligation to chimpanzees and other nonhuman primates?”. Ultimately the answer to this question, whether it be yes or no, leads into the following questions regarding primates getting special treatment over other animals being tested. These include, what is a good alternative and whether or not restrictions should be eliminated completely? With some partial backgr...

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...natives that science has come up with. Numerous organizations have taken part in the fight to end animal testing, upholding websites that document their findings on secondary testing subjects.
In conclusion, researching on animals through the use of harmful experiments is morally wrong. Test results still have no guarantee to the likeliness of succeeding through the human body and further support the argument to end it all together. Endangered species all over the world, such as primates, should have immunity to these actions in order to keep our evolutionary ancestors alive. Primate’s genetic similarities to humans make them suitable applicants for testing potential medical advances; however, humans are unnecessarily testing apes due to the animal cruelty, lack of secureness in tests for humans, alternative options, and failure to follow or produce animal laws.

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