Essay on Animal Rights Of Zoos And Aquariums

Essay on Animal Rights Of Zoos And Aquariums

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Ever since the dawn of human civilization, people have enclosed animals for their own personal enjoyment. In modern times, animals are now kept in zoos and aquariums not just for entertainment, but also for preventing the extinction of a diversity of species. For the past few decades, animal rights activists have been disputing whether or not if these captive areas have been benefiting the animals or if they are just depriving them from their natural rights. Even though supporters of zoos and aquariums argue that these isolated environments improve animals’ lives; the emotional state, habitat, and nutrition change drastically causing problems for the captive animals.
First of all, amongst the numerous supply of careers located in zoos and aquariums is the animal caretaker. Animal caretakers (also called zookeepers) are responsible for the everyday treatment of confined animals. They are obligated to “feed and groom animals, clean cages, stalls, and beds, train and exercise animals, bottle-feed a litter of abandoned kittens, risk the bites and scratches of upset animals..”, and put animals who are ill or elderly out of their misery (“Become”). In order to complete the given tasks, these caretakers have to analyze and learn about the animals they take care of. Zookeepers now specialize their given animals, which creates an improved regimen for these creatures (“Animal Facts”). Not all animals require the same assistance. For example, the exercises required for apes’ health would be different than the activities for lions. Lions would desire fast paced and long distance training, while apes would build their strength and climb up distinct aspects of their mini-habitat.
Furthermore, animal caretakers help animals through a variety ...

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... of moving into a brand new environment. Their emotional state is modified as a result of overcrowding, a limited environment, and an ineffective treatment; however, the increasing enhancement of nutrition and health care reduce a fraction of the animals’ stress. For instance, the mini habitats provided are cramped, and animals cannot maintain a healthy gene pool in these conditions, regardless of the claim that these areas prevent extinction. The nutrition animals receive has different nutrients than what they collected in the wild, and the animals expect the food instead of hunting for it. Although this may be true, the AZA designed regulations in order to improve their diets. Even though zoo supporters attempt to dispute that animals are being protected in captivity; animals are impaired based on their mental health, environment, and nutrition . Zoos do not help.

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