Animal Rights Of Animals : The Old Testament Of The Bible, And The First Vegetarian

Animal Rights Of Animals : The Old Testament Of The Bible, And The First Vegetarian

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Everyday animals are abused, beaten, left starving, and neglected. They are left on the streets, and in cages left to die. They are killed for our needs, like food, perfumes,and coats. Animal rights date back many centuries. The love for animals is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, and the first vegetarian dates back as far as the Greek philosopher Pythagoras during the sixth century B.C.In 1780 a British philosopher named Jeremy Bentham wrote, “The question is not can animals reason, nor can they talk, but can they suffer?” Many people argue whether animals have rights or not, do they?
Most European families shared their lives and homes with animals. Most of their pets, such as horses, which did all the heavy farm work and transporting them from one place to another, got fed more and better quality food than most families servants. The first effort to improve humane treatment of animals did not start until the late eighteenth century. Until the late eighteenth century there was no concern for animal rights. Back then if animals did not obey their owners they were beaten and killed, but after the eighteenth century animals were saw as property. The more animals they had the richer the were saw.
Not eating meat is traced back to the time of the Greek philosophers. Vegetarianism did not become popular until the mid-seventeenth century. England, was once a nation that prefered meat over anything. By the later seventeenth century people began questioning the right to kill animals for food. There are many groups that fight over the topic of killing animals in a slaughterhouse for food. PETA is one major group that addresses this issue. PETA stands for people for the ethical treatment of animals. It is the largest animal ri...

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...of that contains mice, rats, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, and other rodents. The last 5 percent of the 17 million contains a wide range of animals, from cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, squids, and apes. Each species of animal are chosen because of their similar characteristics to humans. The majority of these animals are bred in captivity, such as labs, animal kennels, and research facilities. What they eat and what they do is monitored by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).
Animal experimentation uses many animals to test products that we don 't need to enhance our look. Instead of testing on animals scientists have developed a safer better alternative for testing on animals. They have invented a cosmetic skin that will take the place of animals in the cosmetic testing. Animal rights is a widely heard topic and will continue to be worldwide concern for many centuries to come.

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