The Animal Rights Debate Essay

The Animal Rights Debate Essay

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Behind the Sugarcoated Eye
It’s dark, quiet, and you’re all by yourself. You whine and yell for help but nobody seems to hear you. The people you thought were your family abandoned you, left you all alone in a small confined cage. There is no place to use the bathroom, other than where you stand. The awful stench of your feces grows worse and worse each second. The only food they left you with, you ate in the first day. Now the only thing keeping you alive is your desperation to eat and drink your own waste and the will to survive. You are a dog left to die by your owners, with the thought that you are lower than humans and have no real importance or worth. This is an example of how some animals are treated and it’s not just happening at that trash house on everyone’s block.
Since the beginning of time animals have had rights to do as they pleased in their own habitat. As time went on, these rights slowly faded with the increase of using animals as entertainment. Animals do not belong in a zoo for personal visual enjoyment, or left in a cage at some ones house for days. Almost every child has taken a trip to the zoo. At the zoo we see different animals in created habitats eating prepared food. A variety of different animals are either captured or born to amuse humans and in most cases for a profit. The rights of freedom stripped from animals to make us smile are not essential to our survival. Animal’s that are raised outside their natural habitat cannot survive among their fellow species in the wild. The Zoo, and circus are prime examples of animals misuse and abuse. Animals from the zoo, and circus would not be able to coexist due the difference in freedom. Less animal attacks would occur as well. Zoo’s and Circus’s argue that t...

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... world among other humans we can adapt. The same should apply for animals. This, in fact is a logical fallacy. When animals are raised and placed in a created environment far away from their natural society they are prisoners. Animal rights are just as important as human’s rights and the Zoos and Circus’ are Prime examples of taking these rights away.

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