Essay on Animal Rights And Human Rights

Essay on Animal Rights And Human Rights

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“How should animal rights compare to human rights?”
When I looked through the topics list for the paper immediately animal rights and human rights stood out. I have always been an animal lover and this topic seemed like a no brainer. Upon researching and diving into this topic even deeper I realized maybe where I thought I stood isn’t really where I meant to stand. This paper really opened my eyes to how I need to know my facts and background before stating my view and validating that point. In order to understand what is being stated I feel it is important to cover the basic definitions of my topic. These being human rights, animal rights, and animal welfare.
Human rights are rights that are believed to belong justifiably to every person in the world. They are right that we as humans believe that we are entitled to and deserve. When thinking of human rights things like freedom, happiness, and enjoyment may come to mind. “It’s a right to life!” (Tzannes 40-42). Many people don’t even think twice about what rights they have, they assume since they are a human being there are just things they are automatically entitled to. At one point in my research I came across and article that showed 30 different rights we as human should have. For example: we are all free and equal, right to life, no torture, freedom to move, right to a good life, even a free and fair world. After reading the list several times I thought to myself why are these only human rights why can’t these right be applied to animals as well. The definition of animal rights states that animals should be free from human use and exploitation. Would these be the same rights as humans? No not by any means. I think what people fail to realize is that humans are animals, we ar...

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... to be done in a mass movement.
As if it already hasn’t been clear I think that animals should have rights, they deserve to live their lives not in fear. They have the right to be respected and taken care of when needed. I discovered more when writing this I would definitely fall under the animal welfare advocate section. I believe that if we are going to be using animals for food and butchering them it should be done in a way that provides the least amount of suffering and respect when doing so. The first thing that comes to mind is the Jewish religion and how all of their food has to be Kosher which is all in how it is prepared. I think more needs to be done and more articles need to be written in terms that the average person can understand. More information needs to be provided to humans emphasizing the importance of treating animals with respect and morality.

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