Essay about Animal Rights Activist Frank Albrecht

Essay about Animal Rights Activist Frank Albrecht

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In a Berlin Zoo, the abandoned polar bear cub Knut looks cuddly, cute, and has stolen the hearts of many. Knut has no support from his mother and at his age must be raised by humans to save his life, a task that would seem to be supported by all animal lovers. But, while zoo leaders prepared to help the cub, animal rights activist insists it was wrong to intervene and save the cubs life (NBC News). Animal rights activist insisted that Knut would be been better off dead than raised by humans (NBC News). "Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal protection laws," states animal rights activist Frank Albrecht (NBC News). Albrecht continued to show his passion for animal rights by insisting that the zoo must “kill the bear.” This incident was the first time many had ever come across an animal lover pushing for death instead of help for the animal. The argument at hand in this situation is whether Humans have the right, or ownership of animals; animal rights activist would say no, that humans have no ownership over animals and should not affect their way of life. In the case of Knut, as Albrecht is clearly quoting, animal rights activists would rather see an innocent bear cub die than intervene and save its life. The terms “animal welfare” and “animal rights” can get confusing at times and seem like the same group of animal lovers, when in reality they are entirely different. In general Animal welfare focuses on the well being of animals (Locke). It supports humane treatment of all animals while stating that humans are above them (Locke).
It also generally supports the use of animals for food, clothing, and experimentation depending on circumstances and as long as they are treated right and their need...

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...umans ownership and more rights than animals. Many do not understand the “rights” being discussed. The “rights” that people continue debating about are not the right to vote, freedom of speech, or the right to bear arms. It is the right to not be taken for food against your will, be used for clothing or experimentation without consent. Animals do not have the moral capacity to obtain these rights and freedoms. To elevate animals to equality with humans by applying human interpretations of morality. Author John Katz was sent a letter by an animal rights activist asking him to change his upcoming book to call humans animal “guardians”, instead of his frequently used label as “owner” (Katz 74). Showing that these activists do not believe we as humans should not have ownership over animals, but more of a shared living environment where everyone and everything is equal.

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