Animal Research: A Necessary Evil Essay

Animal Research: A Necessary Evil Essay

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It has long been debated as to whether it is ethical to use animals for experimentation. When considering whether animal research is ethically acceptable or not two main concerns must be raised. The first issue is whether it is absolutely necessary to use animals in order to acquire information that may contribute to the improvement of people’s health and well-being. The second issue is whether the use of animals is defendable on a moral ground.
Supporters of animal research believe that animal experimentation and research is ethically acceptable as long as the treatment of the animals is humane and well-regulated. Some of the reasons why people support animal research includes the furthering of human well-being, providing the means to cure disease and advance medicine and science, the belief that it is a better alternative to using humans in research, and the belief that its benefits outweigh the costs (Saucier, 2006).
When considering the advantages and disadvantages of animal research, it is important to take into account the successes that have emerged from animal research, like the development of psychotropic medications. The use of animal research has helped some way in the development of everything from the Tuberculosis cure, to the Polio vaccine, to the treatment of AIDS (Gluck, 2003).
It is also argued that animal testing is beneficial to animals themselves and furthers animal welfare. Treatments for rabies, Heartworm, glanders, Feline immunodeficiency virus, and anthrax, as well as other parasitic infections are all advanced from the use of animals in studies. Animal research is ongoing in the veterinary field in hopes of finding an improved treatment for the feline leukemia virus and improving...

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... more sense to use animals for research rather than humans. It is the way the world works, the bigger and more powerful prey upon those weaker than themselves. To break it down to the simplest terms, it is the circle of life: the use of other animals to better and prolong our own existence.

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