Animal Protection Laws Should Be Revised Essay

Animal Protection Laws Should Be Revised Essay

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In Kentucky, there are animal protection laws that need to be revised so that they are stated clearly without any uncertainties regarding the policy. Kentucky is ranked the number one worst state, nationwide for two categories: passive cruelty and active cruelty. In Kentucky there is a disagreement on doing anything about it, because the people believe there are more important categories to worry about. But, the disagreement is getting so much attention that people from outside the state are coming and taking a stand for the ones that don’t have a voice.

Out of the two categories, active cruelty is better known and disturbing, because it is referred to as a non-accidental injury. This type of abuse involves purposefully causing harm on an animal to feel more powerful or in control. Active cruelty against animals need be taken very seriously since it can be a sign that a person has serious psychological issues and may commit more acts of violence against humans. It’s hard to tell just what drives people to harm innocent animals. Animal cruelty is start to happen more than ever before (ASPCA).

Passive cruelty may lead to terrible suffering and pain, and the effect of death. For example: starvation, dehydration, insufficient shelter in life-threatening weather conditions, untreated infestations, and the failure to medically care for their animals. But, if a control officer can tell that it is due to the owner 's unawareness; the animal control officers will first try to inform forgetful owners on how to properly care for animals before placing them under arrest. (ASPCA)

Most animal cruelty laws were formed in the late 1970s and the early 1990s, with South Carolina, South Dakota and Mississippi having formed theirs in the 1980s. W...

... middle of paper ... worry about. Animals do more for us then the human eye can really see.

Therefore, trying to get to the full information on animal cruelty is very difficult, because the FBI names animals curtly cases under “other” making it very hard to find information. But, The Bureau announced that they are going to file animal cruelty cases under its own file (Los Angeles Times). What needs to happen is people need to see that animal cruelty can lead to many different issues and show how a person really can be mentally affected by it. By doing these things maybe a stronger connection can be made between animal cruelty and long term effects on people, showing that it doesn’t just effect the animals when they are being harmed but environment around them as well. Therefore stricter animal cruelty laws should be set in place not only to protect the animals but humanity as well.

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