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At some point in our lives, many of us have had the chance to visit a zoo, aquarium, animal park or even petting zoo. These are among the most popular places to visit for young children. We may go with our schools as an educational field trip to learn about animals. There are plenty of parents that have season passes to these places to get outside with their children. We may even visit as adults because they are largely tourist attractions or we may even go as artists to draw the animals. These captive environments where we have had the chance to witness animals that we may never see in our lifetimes because we do not share similar habitats are widely controversial. There are those very much opposed to having any animal in captivity because we can never exactly duplicate their natural environment on the scale that they are used to. There is also the point made that animals are mistreated in these faux environments. On the other hand many scientists and researchers believe it to be very beneficial for the animals and us. Their point being that by studying animals in captive environments we can learn more about the species to protect their environment in the wild. Also by allowing the public to visit and view the animals it raises the public’s knowledge of these animals. They show that the animals do exist in the wild and deserve to be protected and understood. If we didn’t know anything about marine life and all of the amazing life it holds we might not care about polluting the ocean.

While some zoos and aquariums have genuinely attempted to improve the living conditions and treatment of animals in captivity, most still are based on revenue that can be brought in and offer the animals dirty, cramped conditions not much improved f...

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...ity of the time they live undisturbed by humans.

Any of the great changes in our past have been preceded by great controversy. Think about how if we had arenas now that were like the arenas that were ever so popular in ancient Rome where lions were speared to death. It would be traumatic and hard for many to see but it used to be the normal. There have been many changes in thought since then on the captivity and use of wild animals. Although they are still used for show and financial gain with all of the tourist attractions there is a shift happening where people are becoming even more compassionate towards these wild creatures. Many are now seeing that these animals deserve to thrive in a natural environment. The public is becoming more educated on the options to study animals in their natural environments and the amazing things that can be witnessed through this.

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