Animal Farm : The Quintessential Depiction Of A Communist Society Essay

Animal Farm : The Quintessential Depiction Of A Communist Society Essay

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Animal Farm: The Quintessential Depiction of a Communist Society
The Russian Revolution of 1917 marked the end of human freedom in the Soviet Union. Prior to the Revolution, which is considered one of the most significant events of the 20th century, Tsar Nicholas II ruled over Russia. During his ruling, the Russian people suffered through inordinate poverty and inescapable famine. However, after the Russian people rose up against their government, when Joseph Stalin came into power, Russia’s government became much worse than the one which they had overthrown. George Orwell, the author of Animal Farm, despised Stalin. After learning about the outrageous oppression occurring in Russia, Orwell was driven to write the acclaimed novel Animal Farm to express his political beliefs and criticize the Soviet Union. Orwell “persisted, and began publishing regularly during World War II” (Yabroff). Similarly to many other communists, Stalin made promises to gain power and went against his word once actually in control of the people. Through the use of imagery, satire, and symbolism, George Orwell’s dystopian novel, Animal Farm critiques aspects of government like oppression of civilians and unjust leaders, specifically the Russian Government under Stalin, but continues to be a warning for political society today.
Eric Arthur Blair, who writes his literature under the moniker George Orwell, was born on June 25th 1903 in Bengal, India. Orwell was the son of a civil servant, so he spent most of his childhood being very lonely. His loneliness led him to develop a passion for writing, when he started making up stories. Orwell grew up during a time of war and witnessed Hitler’s rise to power, corrupt ruling, and vicious war crimes. His experienc...

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...ome to attention is the totalitarian state known as North Korea. “In 2013 news came out of North Korea about the absolute rule or new leadership of Kim Jong-un, his cult of personality, and his treatment of a goodly percentage of his population with the use of terror. In many respects the satire also mirrors the North Korean Government.” (Weiner) Communist supreme leader Kim Jong-un maintains control over everything including access to information, education, consumer goods, media, and even food. Similarly to the propagandist character, Squealer, news from the outside of North Korea to avoid negative information from being not received by the North Korean people. This illusion caused by the totalitarian leaders that manipulate their countries’ people demonstrates “how an ideal state founded on humane principles easily can be corrupted by the real world.” (Pearce).

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