Animal Farm: A Comparison of the Book and Movie

Animal Farm: A Comparison of the Book and Movie

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Animal Farm: The Book & The Movie
It was was a dark night, all the animals huddled around Old Major to hear what he had to say about his dream. It turns out Old Major talks about rebelling against man so that all animals can have a better life. Ironically, after Rebellion, no one except Napoleon has a better life and he makes their lives even harsher. This is a story of communism, this is the story of Animal Farm.
Basically, in a nutshell, Animal Farm is a novel about farm animals triumphing over man only to fall prey to an evil and cunning dictator. It is a cleverly weaved story with surprising and sad events. But, if you have ever seen the movie version of Animal Farm, you would feel completely different about the story. Even though the movie gives a visual interpretation of Animal Farm, it doesn't quite sum up to Animal Farm, the novel.
However, both versions of Animal Farm, have the same storyline with a couple of differences here and there. The movie included most of the events in the book. Old Major's speech about the Rebellion, the mass murder of the “enemies” of Animal Farm, and the building and destruction of the windmill all took place in both the book and the movie.
Napoleon was also portrayed as an evil and controlling leader in both versions. In the book, he was responsible for many things. He was responsible for the the banishment of Snowball, the altering of the Seven Commandments, and the murders of the “enemies” of Animal Farm. In the movie, he was involved in those cruel acts and in addition to that, his appearance was disgustingly evil. He was dark in color, had saliva on his mouth, and had a harsh, scornful voice. From the way he acted in the movie, we can tell that he has no character and is pure evil.
Judging from the movie and book, we can also infer that the animals had a miserable life and were tricked out of their freedom. Even though they were free from Jones, they still had to deal with Napoleon . Both the movie and book prove that the animals were not better off with Napoleon than they were with Jones. The animals were still hungry, tired, and miserable, in reality, the only animal who benefited from Rebellion was Napoleon himself.
Even though the movie remains faithful to the novel, it has some differences.

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For instance, take a look at the ending. In the book, the animals are still stuck with Napoleon. He doesn't die and the animals don't get new owners. However, in the movie, Napoleon dies and the animals get new owners. Different, eh?
Another striking difference is the way the story is told. In the movie, Jessie, the dog, tells the story from her point of view. However, on the other side, the book is written in third person point of view. An unknown narrator tells the story.
Another interesting difference is the song. If you pay close attention to the words in the movie, you will notice that the song is called “Beasts of the World” and that the lyrics are completely different than that of “Beasts of England”(which is from the book). I also find the song in the movie to be rather haunting, which is not what I imagined.
The movie followed the book quite well until the end. I think, that the movie should have kept the ending the same as that of the book and include more events from the book. However, overall, the movie and the book were quite similar and they got the story through.

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