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Animal Experimentations Essay example

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Widely exploited to formulate new drugs and to examine the safety of other products, animal experimentations often induce pain to the animals involved, even reduce their life quality. Annually, over six million animals are exploited in facilitating research and teaching in Australia and New Zealand. How many more animals should we sacrifice to fulfill our insatiable needs?
In the research paper I reviewed, guinea pigs were used to investigate the effectiveness of a drug called levodopa in suppressing short-sightedness, indicated by the retinal dopamine level. Sixty four-week-old guinea pigs were randomly separated into 6 groups: 3 control and 3 test groups. The guinea pigs in the test groups were first anesthetized and their right eyes were occluded using milky-coloured latex to artificially induce short-sightedness and tested with either saline or levodopa, with the latter shown to revert short-sightedness in guinea pigs. After 10 days, all subjects were killed by an overdosed injection of sodium pentobartial and their eyeballs were then dissected to examine the lens thickness and...

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