Animal Experimentation Is Injustice And Should Be Banned Essay

Animal Experimentation Is Injustice And Should Be Banned Essay

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Do you look for the label “Not Tested on Animals” on the products you buy? The idea of animal testing has been around for a long time. Animal research is a process where scientists test new products or theories that results in the suffer or death of animals most of the time. There are a lot of topics that concerns animal rights being argued at this moments in every corner of this world. Animal research is a major part of us humans science, but we have plunder the rights of the animals. While a lot of people think it should not be justified, there are a lot of opposite views on whether animal experimentation is injustice and should be banned. I believe this procedure is unjustified, and it is more of a tradition since it started a long time ago than providing prediction for humans because animal testing was never actually proven to be accurate and necessary to us scientifically. I believe everyone knows that humans and animals, especially the rabbits and rats, are very different, so there are a lot of instances where scientists cured an animal but the same process did not work on human. This is also a moral problem. Those animals that are being kept in the cages are living, feeling lives, too, just like us. They are forced into isolation and suffer in pain. While most of the scientists’ goal is necessary to mankind, they do not consider the sacrifice of millions of animals.We cannot hold the animals against their will and inject diseases or test mascara on them. The animals are often treated badly like objects for experiment. Sometimes, people forgets that the animals have feelings, too, and they are not robots to let us destroy. Sometimes, maybe people think that animal-experimented products can make them safer, but that...

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