Animal Experimentation Is Cruel And Inhumane Essays

Animal Experimentation Is Cruel And Inhumane Essays

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Imagine this: you are a rabbit that has been immobilized in full body restraints while a chemical is dripped into your eyes or smeared onto your shaved skin and with every drop the burning sensation is becoming more and more unbearable. Or imagine you are an immobilized mouse that is being forced to swim while being electrocuted to hopefully find a cure for stress (irony). Hello, today I am here to talk about Animal experimentation. Animal research is an extremely inhumane practice that should not be legal in the United States. Ever since the 1920s, animal experimentation has been used to test various drugs, household products and cosmetics. It is done to determine the toxic consequences, and possibly fatal side effects, of certain products before they are released to the public. According to “Liability and Danger,” an article written by Neavs, an organization that is against animal testing, “animal research is a multi-billion dollar industry in which for-profit commercial interests have high stakes.” Animal experimentation is cruel and inhumane. Animal experimentation is inaccurate. We force innocent animals to suffer through extremely inhumane tests that are not reliable when considering new drugs or products. And animal experimentation is outdated. (anaphora) We have so many modern alternatives that show more accurate results but medical researchers still use animals. There are also very little laws and regulations that are in place to help animals in experimentation in America; while in numerous other countries, animal testing was made illegal and was replaced with more accurate alternatives.
The whole testing process is extremely inhumane and cruel. Animals are forced to live in small, unsanitary cages where they undergo emo...

... middle of paper ...

...disease but we just wasted 3 years and billions of dollars trialing a drug that ended up not working in humans?
PETA has long campaigned for a reduction in animals used in research labs, but some countries in Europe have illegalized the use of animals in experiments. According to the Humane Society, the CHIMP Act, or the Chimpanzee Health Improvement, Maintenance and Protection Act, was passed in the December of 2000 and calls for the “establishment of a national sanctuary system for chimpanzees no longer used in research.” (82) We have laws protecting animals out of research but what about the ones who were specially bred for the sole purpose of lab testing?
To conclude, I feel that animal experimentation should be a thing of the past. It’s cruel, inaccurate and a waste of time and money. If other countries are using more sophisticated tests, why can 't America?

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