Animal Cruelty Is A Crime And It Essay

Animal Cruelty Is A Crime And It Essay

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When you see the SPCA commercials, what goes through your head? Do you ask yourself questions like: How can someone do that to a puppy/kitten? Who can stomach starving and female dog after she just gave birth? Some people are so sick in the head that these questions do not pop in their heads. Can we protect these helpless animals? My targeted audience is everybody who love animals, all ages and genders. People treat their animals like family so they will notice when an animal is being abused or mistreated.
Animal cruelty have been going on for years. The most common victims that are affected are dogs. Pit-bulls are one breed that is heavily involved in dog fighting and it given them a bad reputation. There were 1,880 cases reported in 2007 and 64.5 percent of those cases involved dogs. Animal cruelty is a crime and it is connected to a lot of serious crimes. There are multiple cases of cockfighting and dogfights that involve drugs which the drug cartels run. This is a serious operation that many big cities deal with. I have read that in 2014 an international drug dealers have gone to a cockfighting pit and someone sent a hit man to take someone out during the fight ( People get killed during a cockfights or dogfights over a bad disagreement for $10. We need a way to end cockfights and dogfights so we can eliminate a huge part of animal cruelty.
Domestic violence, child abuse, and animal cruelty can go hand and hand. I read that about 10.2 million men and woman are physically assaulted by their partner ( 62 percent of those households have at least one pet and 71 percent of domestic violence victims reported that the abuser also targeted their animals ( Other...

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...ppy mills are plagued with illnesses like kidney or heart disease because of the conditions they are kept in. Dogfighting became prevalent in the US after the civil war, with professional pits proliferating in 1860s. It was an entertainment source for the police officers and firemen ( In China millions of cats and dogs are bled to death and skinned alive for the fur. Half of that fur comes to the United States so if you wear fur, read the tags and see where it’s from.
Treat animals how you would want your child to be treated. You would not bet your child or chain them up somewhere to starve. Think of your pets as your kids and you want them to live a happy life. Just like we enjoy our life they will like to enjoy theirs. If you have pets think of how you will feel if they was with someone abusive. Love your animals and try to help those in need.

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