Essay on Animal Cruelty Is A Big Problem

Essay on Animal Cruelty Is A Big Problem

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Animal cruelty is a big problem around the world; in fact, most animals that are abused and neglected come from domestic violence in some cases. What is animal cruelty? Animal cruelty is when people harm and neglect animals. I always say that if anybody plans on buying a dog or cat, for instance, and cannot handle themselves, why bother buying a pet if he or she is not going to have the proper time to take care of the animal. Having pets is similar to having a child; a person has to have money, time, and patience. I own two white German Shepherds and they are like my daughters. I spend a lot of money on both of them because I treat both of them equally. For instance I cannot just buy a bone for one German Shepherd and leave the other one hanging because they would start fighting for it. I also spend a lot of time with them; every morning, we go out on our daily jog around the neighborhood, or I just take them to the dog park. I had to learn how to become more comprehensive with them because it is hard to train a fifty pound dog and, to add on that, I have two of them, which is a lot. However, I learned how to become patient by reading books about German Shepherds, looking up videos, and talking to other people that own German Shepherds. I love my dogs and I have the three main components to take care of them. I get furious when a person buys an animal and does not even have the proper care for it. This also goes to other animals that are being abused around the world. Animals are just like people. They are intelligent creatures even if they are missing the ability to talk for their actions. In this paper, I am going to discuss how different animals around the world are being killed, abused, and even eaten, also, the laws against a...

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...ganization does not just help animals, but they also help humans by creating fresh water carts. ASPCA also does spaying and neutering services for a reasonable price to prevent pet overpopulating. The ASPCA organization was the first corporation to have the rights to make any arrest towards animal cruelty. The society currently provides community and national leadership in: “Caring for pet parents and pets, providing positive outcomes for at-risk animals, and serving victims of animal cruelty” (ASPCA Programs and Services, 2013). ASPCA has worked with a lot of large brand sponsors like; Clorox, Fresh Step cat litter brand, Lowe’s, and Subaru. In conclusion, the best way for someone to help prevent animal abuse is to report it immediately when it is seen. Additionally, there are apps to help people report animal cruelty, these apps are ALDF LiveSafe and ICE BlackBox.

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