Animal Cruelty at Sea World Essay

Animal Cruelty at Sea World Essay

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It’s a very common practice in todays society for people to go to Sea World and see the famous shamu show while on vacation or out for a day of fun. Many people don’t fully understand how these animals feel while in captivity. Light has been shed on having these killer whales in captivity when a trainer was killed at Sea World recently. At one of the early parks called Sea Land one of the male killer whales Tilicum killed one of his trainers. After this incident Sea Land closed its doors. This meant that Tilicum was up for sale, Sea World jumped at the chance to buy him at a good price. Sea World was not fully aware that Tilicum was the actual cause of his trainers death. This was a death sentence for one of Sea Worlds female trainers. Sea World and companies like it are only in it to make money, these large animals should not be kept in captivity by any means.

To this day there is no record of any whale doing harm to a human in the wild. Whales have extremely advanced brains even similar to humans. They can process emotions and feelings so they are very aware of what is happening to them. By nature whales are not aggressive or harmful to humans but when pushed they will react in a very dangerous way. Particulary in Tilicums case he was abused by the female whales, they would rub their teeth on him and many times there was blood. Because of this Sea World would put him by himself away from the other animals, this no doubt contributed to his behavior. There was no where for him to go, he was extremely large and where he was kept was not a conducive environment. Before Tilicum killed one of Sea Worlds trainers there was an incident where he jumped out and tried to pull a trainer, Sea World was now aware of how Tilicum acted and...

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...rld has told the media that this was dawns mistake and it is her fault that she is dead.

The whale Tilicum who is responsible for multiple deaths of trainers is still in captivity and still performs in shows. He now has no life left in him and for hours will still sit in the same spot. This is no way to treat a living thing and in no way should wild animals like this be put into captivity. The bottom line is that these animals are living mammals and should not be put into situations where they are starved and kept in extremely small spaces to live out their lives. Companies like Sea World should no longer have whale shows and should release all of the whales that will be able to survive into the wild. Sea World would be able to survive without their whale show, and even though it is one of the biggest sources of revenue the park can make money in other endevures.

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