Essay on Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On The World

Essay on Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On The World

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Animal Cruelty
For many years, animals have been wonderful additions to families around the world and have changed the lives of people in many ways. They are usually welcomed and loved immediately. That isn’t always the case though. Sometimes there are various people who start punishing their pets for anything that happens to themselves. The main reason for why people hurt animals is because they don 't often think about what they are doing.
Sometimes it may not be intentional, but the damage can be a very bad impact on the animal. Animal cruelty is a very big problem in the world. Millions of animals die everyday because of the abusive behavior directed towards them. No matter how small the problem may be, animals lives are put to risk daily by careless and abusive people.
One of the main reasons for cruelty towards an animal is unintentional neglect. People bring home pets thinking that they will basically take care of themselves. This is not true. ( PETA). People don’t think it counts as abusing an animal, but it does. When owners don 't take their pets out on walks, don 't feed them enough. Even just don 't give the pet enough space and attention, it is considered to cruel towards the animal. The pet can become unhappy in the conditions it is living in. It can cause a dramatic impact on the pet’s health and behavior. Many times pet owners are too busy and fail to realize their pet requires more attention. They never care for their needs and the pet will feel start to feel neglected and could become depressed or aggressive.
Another form of animal cruelty is intentional abuse. It is the worst kind of abuse for an animal. This is when people purposely hurt their pet or any animal by hitting, kicking, or torturing them in any wa...

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... People should always take precaution when they see or buy an animal. Giving any type of animal enough care, will train the animal to be kind and obedient. That way animals wont be taken to pounds to be locked up for a long time and then killed for being defensive. Pets are usually not aggressive by choice and will be gentle if taught to be.
Overall, the best way to deal with a situation like this is to always look out for the health and well being of an animal. No matter if they are a pet or just a an animal you see. Pets are adopted into homes to be loved and treated well. Not to be brutally hurt by people who don’t know how to act maturely and kindly. Usually the aggressiveness of a pet starts with the owners actions towards it. How they care for an animal is all determined on how they act towards the pet. What a person gives is what they will receive in return.

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