Animal Abuse, Inhumane, And Inhumane Experimentation Essay

Animal Abuse, Inhumane, And Inhumane Experimentation Essay

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Animals deserve basic rights to avoid suffering and have possession of their own lives because it would eliminate conflicts with animal abuse, containment, and inhumane experimentation.

PETA released hidden video footage cumulated over months of the unbearable animal abuse occurring at MowMar farms in 2008. Recordings caught employees repeatedly beating female pigs with iron rods and herding canes. Torture included spraying dye into pigs nostrils “to get the animal high” and electrocuting pigs unable to stand on their own. The employees practiced “thumping” which is the act of holding pigs my their hind legs and slamming them down on the concrete to eliminate underweight piglets, however many piglets remained twitching and padding for hours until they finally died.
This article provides real life examples of animal abuse that would create total commotion if it were humans getting this inhumane treatment. It can be used to reveal the unacceptable and poorly regulated animal treatment citizens are unaware of and help prevent further mis treatment. This can provide a stong argument to implement animal rights more similar to humans. This source opposes animals farmed for food production and could add more examples of abusive actions.
This article can help argue that many abusive actions are going unseen and stricter regulations on animal treatment must be implemented.

The US government demands we test all medications on animals prior to continuing to human trials, and admits that applying animal data to humans is a "leap of faith.” This relates to thousands of people getting sick each year from legal pharmaceuticals. Human trials are still necessary undermining those who say we experiment on animals to avoid testing on humans. A...

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...ience pain however Vankin states there is no way to prove or disprove a organism is in pain. Would torture be immoral even if it were painless? Moral responsibility is not only reserved for the human species and must be shared for all animals.
This article is provides a simple comparison between animals and humans that reveals why the similar groups should share the right to a pain free life. This source is biased towards the ideas that animals are much more alike humans then they are different. This article could use improvement with real studies about other organism experiencing pain. This article did not consider the outlook of scientist and researchers that use animals in experiments in order to benefit the society.
This article will provide a base on the morality of animal treatment and false distinctions of pain and significant deviation of non-human organism.

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