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12 Angry Men

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Juror #1 originally thought that the boy was guilty. He was convinced that the evidence was concrete enough to convict the boy. He continued to think this until the jury voted the first time and saw that one of the jurors thought that the boy was innocent. Then throughout the movie, all of the jurors were slowly convinced that the boy was no guilty.
His first rhetoric appeal used was logos. He based his guilty verdict on the logical information provided in the court room. He continued to feel this way until later in the movie when he changed his appeal to pathos. The decision to change his mind was caused by the other jurors starting to change their minds.
As the one juror that felt the boy was innocent continued to try and convince the others that there was a chance that they could all be wrong, most all of the jurors were starting to see the possibility. Every time there was a new reason why he could be innocent, each juror had more to think about. Finally, the argument about the glasses swayed everyone just enough to withdrawal the guilty verdict and set the boy free.
My next claim is in regards to the “old man” juror. If it were not for him voting not guilty the second time, the boy would have been found guilty. He said the reason he voted that way was because of that one juror standing up to the other 11 jurors. He felt that everyone needed to hear all of the arguments because they were dealing with a man’s life. Thanks to that man, the boy was saved.
His original rhetoric appeal was also logos. He was basing his verdict choice on the logical information given in the court room. He was using all of the testimony and evidence to make what he thought was a logical decision. As the evening went on, I feel that his appeal was changed to ethos because of the juror that felt that he was innocent. He was impressed by this man because he was able to stand in front of the group and stick with his guilty verdict and not be swayed at all.
The “old man” stood up for the man by telling everyone that they basically owe it to the boy to listen to all of the arguments.

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At the end of the night, the boy was found innocent because of both of those men. Each time another argument was introduced, a few more jurors were swayed back to thinking that he was innocent. The argument that I remember the most was in regards to the lady that witnessed the murder seeing it late at night. It was discovered that the lady wore glasses and she would not have been wearing them at night and thus would not be able to see a murder from a long distance away. After discussing this, all of the jurors were convinced and gave the innocent verdict.
I feel that the boy would have been found guilty if it were not for the one juror that stood up for him. Shortly after heading to the jury room, the jurors wanted to start with a vote. They did and all but one found him guilty. There was only one juror keeping that boy alive. That is a fact. With a unanimous vote, the boy would be sent to the chair.
I can effectively argue this thesis because that is just the fact, if the decision was unanimous; he would be put to death. My thesis is also specific. The boys survival is the only thing touched on in my thesis. I feel that this thesis is also interesting because you are basically dealing with a person’s life. It is always a serious thing when you are dealing with a decision to take someone’s life. The paradox to allowing the boy to go free with a not guilty verdict is he could have actually committed the crime. The jury giving him his freedom could back fire because he could go back out and kill again.
A person’s life is always a serious thing to have in your hands and it needs to be taken seriously. In the jury room, you are sometimes given the power to send someone to death or grant freedom. There are implications to that because it is such a serious decision to be made and someone people do not know how to handle it. If you are on a jury, you owe it to the person on trial to be as sure as possible with your verdict. That could mean hours in the jury room. Something that should be considered is the future result of your decision. How is it going to effect the person on trial, their family, and the general public? Far too often, people are found guilty and put to death but to later find out that they were innocent. You would not want that on your conscience for the rest of your life.
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