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12 Angry Men (1957) a film that addressed the ongoing social change in the American way of thinking. This film demonstrates the power of film through introduction of new outlooks, it addresses social restructure in a broken America, and demonstrates the power of logical discernment through cooperation. This movie holds many truths hidden in plain sight and my duty is to give a constructive knowledgeable opinion on this film. the essential question which makes this film stimulating is: why are we more familiar with 1971 than 1953, what changed in fourteen years?
12 Angry Men is a film about twelve men that hold a young mans life in their hands. (A.H. WEILER, 1957) The film is a true court drama, but without the court. Weiler for the NY Times describes the phenomenon with pure charm, “failings, passions and prejudices”. (A.H. WEILER, 1957) It seems that this jurors, like any other group of individuals, appeared to fill the jury room with prejudice, baggage that clearly showed partiality in their decisions. The reality is that this film goes beyond the walls of the jury room, it installs itself in a storm of American upheaval.
This leads to my next topic, the ongoing Civil Rights Movement. From 1950’s – 1980’s black voter registration increased dramatically due to the ongoing tensions in the nation form racial backlash. (“SELMA, 20 YEARS AFTER THE RIGHTS MARCH”, 1985) 1955 was the year when Mr. King and Rosa Parks participated in one of the first forms of boycott when they instructed the African American community to stay off the buses. (“SELMA, 20 YEARS AFTER THE RIGHTS MARCH”, 1985) these tensions took hold of the American creed and sought to change the status quo. 12 Angry Men breaks these racial barriers, for example “there is...

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...he film demonstrates how art helps us understand the how quickly the norm can change and needs to change. As I have previously stated, this film is about rational men reaching logical conclusions. The film is unrealistic in its logical approach; this would not be the case with any particular case judged in the 1950s or in the present day. The rattled American public needed a representation of what the perfect legal system looked like and that this perfect legal system portrayed in the movie currently existed in the American society. This film is a glimpse of the ongoing challenge the working-class faced, it is an attempt to humanize the American legal system in a way that seems fair for all. On the surface, this film fulfills its goal, it introduces the viewer to the American society that will always be strong working working together while breaking racial barriers.

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