Essay on Angry Customers

Essay on Angry Customers

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Expressing quite cheerfully, I casually greeted the caller, “Hungry Herbs, would you like pick-up or delivery?” Little did I know this phone call would teach me my next life lesson; quite frankly, people suck. After the man’s order was taken, I casually closed, “Your total comes to $66.87 and will be ready in about an hour.” Upon hanging up, I soon realized there was another three lines on hold. I took each call, one by one. The calls consisted of the three more orders; three more deliveries.
Making my way to the back of the store, I noticed the exceedingly long list of food items to make. Joy. This was making out to be one of those days of legend; one of those days where the store makes three hundred in sales in less than an hour; one of those days I hoped never to work. I began to dissemble the list, making out which items take the longest to make and therefore need to be made first.
Upon finishing the massive pile of fried food, I realized that both drivers were yet to return. Just my luck. I anxiously awaited the return of either driver, hoping the food would be delivered on time. I ran to the computer to check how long they’d been gone: thirty three minutes, thirty four minutes, thirty five minutes. Finally, after thirty six minutes, Chris had returned. Two of the deliveries were relatively close, while the other two were obscurely on opposing ends of town. Not thinking, I let him decide which deliveries to take and let Tyler take the others. He took the two that were relatively close and one of the obscure ones. The obscure one happened to be the one with a total of $66.87; the one I had promised to be delivered in an hour; the one that was bound to be late.
Chris had been gone for forty-five minutes. “He must drive...

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...ere’d been no one in the store. Instead, I was left answering yet another angry customer whose food was also late, the second obscure order.
Whose idea was it anyway to order all at the same time? Why would everyone decide, “Hey let’s all order food at exactly 6:15.” I tried my best. All their food was made exactly as requested including every extra pickle, cheese or grain of salt. And all because of the drivers, bounded by the speed limits of the state of New Hampshire, I’m left taking orders from angry customers, who won’t appreciate my time and effort spent making their food perfect, because their food is late. Some people don’t understand the mere hardships of a fry cook. Some people don’t understand that the world doesn’t always revolve around them. Some people won’t ever understand the time and effort I put into making their food. Some people just suck.

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