Angola: Colonial Legacy History of Colonial Rule Essay

Angola: Colonial Legacy History of Colonial Rule Essay

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Angola: Colonial Legacy
History of Colonial Rule
The source of problems in some modern African nations lies in the colonial legacy of the past. Imperialistic policies often denied the native populations their political, economic, cultural, and basic human rights. Many imperialistic practices promoted ethnic rivalries, unequal distribution of resources and wealth, and undemocratic governments which prevented local participation in governmental decisions and actions. The impact of colonization on Angola is similar to that of many other African nations.
Angola suffered from one of the most backward forms of colonial rule because Portugal, compared to other European countries, lacked a stable economy and industrial capacity, which decreased the desire or need to develop the colony. The Portuguese first explored the coast of Angola in the late 15th century and controlled Angola until the late 20th century. In 1575, a colonial settlement was established in Luanda, but no attempts were made to settle inland until the 1900’s. Explorers did not find precious metals, but discovered an excellent source of slaves for the colony in Brazil. During the 1880’s the government in Portugal went through two violent transitions from a monarchy to a republic, then to a military dictatorship in 1926. These changes in the home country resulted in a tightening of Portuguese control in Angola. Portuguese privilege and wealth were maintained through the use of policies that violated human rights. Unjust policies subjected colonized populations to the loss of their lands, resources, cultural and religious identities, and sometimes even their lives.
In the early years of the colony, repeated clashes occurred between the Portuguese and the variou...

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...ively rule a sovereign nation. Similar to other African nations, the transition from colonial to independent status for Angola remains difficult and even violent.

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