`` Angels `` Saving Lives `` By Philip Moeller Essays

`` Angels `` Saving Lives `` By Philip Moeller Essays

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“Angels” Saving Lives
According to Philip Moeller says “people who volunteer tend to have a higher self-esteem, psychological well-being, and happiness”. Pitiful I know how it feels not having food and shelter. I was born in the United States, but move out with my family from the United States because we did not have a place to live. My family and I traveled to El Salvador to live at my grandmother house. After my grandmother Concha left us stayed at her house, I saw how much to be grateful to her because without her helping us probably we would end forsaken homeless. Being part of two different countries I saw a big gap between the help to the need ones. The government of the United States gives us the benefits with from our payment of taxes. And in El Salvador government use the money unnecessary things than helping poor communities. Growing up in El Salvador make me see poverty in my community have hardship because people did not have money and clothes to give to their child. In the United States we are the only people that waste money and food in unnecessary things. Some kids did not have shoes and uniforms to go to school. Honestly, I am not rich to help other, but the little money I have share to the ones that need. That makes my heart smile and make others happy. Therefore, we have responsibility to provide for the basic needs to others because we all need from each other to create a better world.
The reason people become homeless we should help them is making changes in our community. In Peter Singer story “The Singer Solution to World Poverty ” speaks out examples about how people that have wealth do not help people that suffer poverty. There are some people that lose their jobs and do not have a family to feed. Some o...

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...he education. I rather to the little things I have to offer to homeless people. The more I see the street of Los Angeles more people are in refugee because of the rent have been raised each year, years, and years. As people say “Change yourself first and then you can change the world.” I have heard it from everywhere and it makes push myself and help the people because probably they can also help us without asking. Why not help? Touch our hearts to help any people we can.
Some people are born in poverty and some people born wealthy. Even though I was born in the United States and growing up in El Salvador I learned to recognize there is poverty everywhere around the world. Growing up as low-income people almost to homeless make me decide to change society. I am encourage myself to help other people that need because sometimes is not a choice is that society fail us.

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