The Angelo State University Campus Essay

The Angelo State University Campus Essay

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One of the most interesting sights to view on the Angelo State University campus is art. Every piece is different in its own way, yet shares similarities with others. These resemblances can be observed depending on how one views the art. They can range from a first impression based on appearance to what is gained from a deeper analysis of the art. Each way helps to establish a connection from one piece of art to another. The way to find unusual and different art projects is to change the perspective in which it is seen. Most people would assume that the colors incorporated or the type of art it is a great way to distinguish one piece from another, but the most astounding resemblances can be found in what tools were used in the artworks creation.
Art can be created by using the typical tools of pens, pencils or paint. This strategy is used to produce pieces full of color and can include various effects depending on how it is used. This field of art can produce a typical or, in the right hands, an extraordinary work of art different from anything that has been done before. On the Angelo State University campus, a chalk art piece was created during homecoming week and falls under this category of distinguishing art. This bright and colorful piece was an image with a Dr. Seuss theme that was different than most chalk art pieces. This was primarily due to style applied to the chalk that the artist used. The wonderfully crafted image created by the guest artist had a three dimensional appearance depending on where one stood while looking at the picture. Perception was key with this truly creative piece of art. Unfortunately, its brief viewing was made even shorter since rain caused the chalk to fade away. Nevertheless, the medium used t...

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...similarities that bring them together and assist in distinguishing one from the other. This similarity is based on what was used to create the work of art. Some may be made using chalk or other traditional methods. Others could be as unconventional as the gum tree. This creates a work of art no one ever thought would have that effect: materials are able to be disassembled and reformed into a piece with distinct texture, words and phrases are transformed into an image that is truly creative, while real objects and animals are combined to form a new piece. By doing so, the artist allows their imagination to conjure a creation that is distinct to their artistic style. Every method used is capable of producing an extraordinary piece of art. These remarkable works of art then become comparable with each other, thus making them easier to categorize and be fully appreciated.

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