Angela O ' Toole : The Colors Of My Life Essay

Angela O ' Toole : The Colors Of My Life Essay

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Angela O’Toole: The Colors of my Life
If I had to describe my family to anyone, I would show the world an abstract painting. Each of my family members are like a different colors in the same painting, they all have different tones and shades. The both good and bad quality about these colors is that some of them are extremely vibrant in color and rage with exuberance, while others are soft and quiet with calm tones.
To start off the becoming of me, mother already had two children from previous relationships; Tiffany and John, both seven years apart. A year after a miscarriage due to chemicals at the Bronx Zoo in New York, where my mother worked, my parents decided to try again to have a child. At the time of my parents creating me, my mother was 35, and my father was 26. My parent’s relationship was ‘young and exciting, and feeling’ good!” my mom would say.
It was in the early morning of June 4, 1996 at Mount Vernon Hospital in New York, where my twin and I born. Due to previous appointments my parents attended while I was a fetus, the doctor thought I would be born with spinal bifida, and they should consider an abortion as one of their options. My father did some research, with a strong intuition that there may be twins in my mother’s womb. A CAT scan was used to show what would by my spine. The nurse who performed a sonography by the name of Angela, informed my mother and father that they are indeed having twins! My father was excited, and exclaimed he was going to be a “daddies.” My mother on the other hand, was believed to have shed a tear by the overwhelming news.
Early that morning, I came out without a fuss, I was forever going to be Angela O’Toole, and that birth marked the beginning of the rest of my life. Four minute...

... middle of paper ... person who worked hard like her family, is always family oriented, and the person who never gave up on anyone; even though that is one weakness I loathe at times. My strengths are being a forgiving person, and that is rare in today’s word, and that is also a quality that both of my parents poses that I also have.
As I age more and become wiser as each birthday passes, my life mission statement currently is to just be happy, and always tell the people you love that you love them every chance you get. As each day progresses, I am learning new things every day that will also help me down the road.
I hope to continue to learn the values and lessons I am desperately trying to figure out every day, and I am lucky to share a world with my loving, beautiful family. I would never trade my abstract painting for anything in this world, because they are priceless to me.

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