Andrew Jackson Was Not Democratic Essay

Andrew Jackson Was Not Democratic Essay

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All hail King Andrew Jackson. In the election of 1824, presidential candidate Andrew Jackson had lost to John Quincy Adams, son of former president John Adams, in a brutal campaign war. Jackson sought revenge and did everything to sabotage Adams term as president, including branding his presidency the “corrupt bargain”, and giving his wife so much grief that she died. When Jackson finally became president and defeated Adams in 1828 his mantra was that the voice of the People must be heard, however many felt that he did not live up to his mantra. This raises the question: How democratic was Andrew Jackson? The term democratic can be defined as a government ruled by the people. Andrew Jackson was not democratic because of his mistreatment of the Native Americans, the decision of the bank, and his abuse of power.
One reason why Andrew Jackson was not democratic was because of his mistreatment of the Native American. Today, the population of Native Americans are significantly less than when Jackson served as the leader of the free world. From the early 1830’s until 1840, Jackson forced 5 separate Indian tribes onto a small piece of land (Doc L). A likely reason for this sudden move is because Jackson wanted more space for white settlers in states of the Union. The Seminole tribe, located in Florida, had to move to this specified Indian territory by water because of conflicts that would arise if traveled by land. This clearly shows no consideration for how Indian lives would be changed and how hard it would be to adjust to a new piece of land and a new life. Jackson moved all of these Indian tribes without permission from the Cherokee tribe. Before the movement of the Cherokee tribe, they spoke out and said, “We wish to remain on th...

... middle of paper ... undemocratic, there is no definitive proof that it was the sole cause of it
In conclusion, Andrew Jackson was undemocratic because he made the Indians feel like they did not belong, he attempted to change the way one votes, and he misused his powers as president. He made the Native Americans feel unwelcomed in their own country by taking their land and shipping them off were they would not bother a white man. Jackson also changed the voting system to benefit his own needs while in office. He was also overwhelmed by the amount of power he possessed and eventually succumbed to the temptations of selfishness. Although President Andrew Jackson was certainly not democratic, he allowed future presidents to learn from his mistakes so that history does not repeat itself. His time as president offered guidance to the true democracy America uses today in its government.

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