Andrew Jackson: The Seventh President of the United States Essay

Andrew Jackson: The Seventh President of the United States Essay

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In the United States so far, there have been dozens of presidents. To be exact, there have been 44 presidents. Every president has made his own, unique contribution to get the country to where it is today. Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, was perhaps the most controversial president America has experienced. Jackson was a successful president in his own mind, escaping difficult living conditions as a child in South Carolina and fighting for the nation in the War of 1812 to completing his goals as president. Some of his achievements, however, did not benefit the country and its people. His egocentric behavior caused for harsh and brutal actions towards Indians. Although Jackson was able to fulfill his goals in his two terms in office, he was one of the worst and most controversial candidates to be elected into a high-ranking position, such as the President of the United States.
Right off the bat, Jackson wasted no time in making his first unconvincing decision as president. Jackson’s first action as president was to instill his own format of government. The style of government Jackson favored was the “Spoils System”. In this system, Jackson initially fired seasoned and experienced government workers, only to hire his friends. As the president of a large country, such as the Untied States, the president’s goal should be to assist the entire nation, not just his friends. Jackson only benefitted his companions in this system by bringing them in as people unfamiliar with the duties of a government official. Despite it only being the very beginning of Jackson’s presidency, he had hastily instituted a poor and inexperienced government that could sacrifice the well being of the nation.

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...son instilled a faulty government system upon his arrival and enforced taxes that made his own Vice President turn his back on Jackson. Jackson is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Native Americans and the unjust relocation of over 70 Indian tribes. Although Jackson “reinvented the presidency” by reforming the government and he “represented the common man”, Jackson lacked many of the qualities of a solid leader. Jackson had self-centered beliefs, in which he would do anything to get his way with no regard for anyone else. The position of President of the United States is one that should be reserved for only those with generous hearts and minds that put others before themselves. Because of that, Jackson was one of the worst candidates to be elected into a high-ranking position, even if he was able to complete his goals.

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