Andrew Jackson : The People 's Choice Essay

Andrew Jackson : The People 's Choice Essay

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Andrew Jackson also known as, “The people’s choice,” was a self made man. He represented the South and the Western frontier expansionism. He was a strong military leader, a superior Court judge, and an Indian fighter. Jackson represented the common man. The United States of America benefitted greatly from the actions of Andrew Jackson.
Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767, in a log cabin on a poor farm (195). His father died before he was born, and he was forced to grow up fast (1). His mother wanted him to become a Presbyterian minister, so he read three chapters of scripture daily and was sent to study under a Presbyterian minister (5). Jackson became an orphan by the young age of fifteen (195). Jackson grew to be six feet tall and lean. He never weighed more than 145 pounds and was considered “cadaverous” by many (5). He never learned how to spell or write, which was exploited by his enemies in the future (6). Even Though he lacked education in certain areas, in 1833 Jackson received an honorary degree from Harvard University (6).
One of Jackson’s greatest characteristics was his determination; he would never give up (6). He valued good training and had a sound discipline, but he was known for his swearing abilities (7,9). He followed what his mother told him. “Make friends by being honest and keep them by continuing steadfast” (11). The Revolution ended before Andrew Jackson turned 15, and aided his understanding that sacrifice was necessary for freedom (12). He developed an iron will, persistence, and courage that would aid him in the years to come (12).
Rachel Donelson has an unhappy marriage with her first husband, Lewis Robards, and met Jackson while she was still married (23). Jackson became enamored by her and...

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...ndrew Jackson is the perfect example of how anyone can become a someone in America if they put both their heart and soul into it. He started of as a poor orphan and went out into the world and made a name for himself. He may not have been perfect, but no man is perfect.
I really enjoyed this book. Andrew Jackson has always been one of my favorite presidents, ever since I wrote a report on him in elementary school. I thought that Dr. Paul Vickory did an excellent job in writing about the life of Jackson. He made sure to write about every aspect in Jackson’s life. He also gave a deeper study into history, so that the reader could fully understand what was going on in America and how Jackson’s actions influenced these events. I think that Dr. Vickory properly depicted the life of Jackson in a way that makes the reader more interested and more knowledgable in history.

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