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Andrew Jackson, The American Presidents Essay

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Andrew Jackson, The American Presidents. (Sean Wilentz, 2005). Reviewed by Amber Peevey.

The author of the book I reviewed is name Sean Wilentz. He is a history teacher at Princeton University. He began teaching there in 1979. Wilentz lives in Princeton, New Jersey. Sean Wilentz is currently 65 years old. Mr. Wilentz has written many books on historical subjects. History is something that he has studied for many years. He has written a biography series on all the presidents, including the one I reviewed. He is the author and editor of some well known books. Some of which include: “Chants Democratic” and “The Rise of American Democracy”. Sean Wilentz is clearly qualified to write on the subject of history. He seems very dedicated to learning all about the early history of the United States. You can tell that he is a dedicated teacher who enjoys learning about history.
The book I reviewed is a biography about the 7th president of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Wilentz tells about Jackson’s life from his childhood to his second term as president. People’s opinions of Jackson has changed throughout the years. People either love Andrew Jackson, or they hate him. He is considered controversial by some standards. But the book is mostly about how Jackson was transformed as a person through his personal experiences. I felt sad when I read that Andrew’s father had died when he was an infant. He never got an opportunity to bond with his father. The family struggled, but made the best of their circumstances. Jackson found work as a farmer, and eventually got drafted into the war with his older brother. It is safe to say that Jackson did not have an easy childhood or a young adulthood. Something that stood out to me is when Jackson ...

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...a. We know now that it wasn’t a good thing at all. Times have certainly changed, and Americans now mostly do not agree with Jackson’s decisions that he made during his presidency. I feel inpowered knowing more about early American history. Hopefully, anybody that reads this book feels the same way. Personally, I feel that readers can learn a lot while reading this book. It was full of facts, and told the story of President Jackson. I feel in some ways that Jackson was a misunderstood man. Maybe he really did have good intentions, but his actions did not support his “good” intentions. I thought the book was pretty good, I would read another book by Sean Wilentz if given the opportunity. I enjoyed learning and reading about the controversial man with a big personality, the man who graces the front of the $20 bill, our 7th president of the United States, Andrew Jackson.

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