Andrew Jackson 's The Era Of Good Feelings Essay

Andrew Jackson 's The Era Of Good Feelings Essay

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After the decline of the Era of Good Feelings, Andrew Jackson emerged as an advocate for the common man. His following known as the Jacksonian Democrats, gained large popularity in the 1820s; with his growing support, Jackson won the 1828 election therefore securing political power for the Jacksonian Democrats. During Jackson’s time in office, the Jacksonian Democrats were guardians of the Constitution due to the use of veto power in order to preserve the values of the nation. The Jacksonian Democrats were also guardians of the American ideal of political democracy; they took efforts to provide equal power in politics for a larger population of Americans. Jackson and the rest of his party were guardians of the right for equal economic opportunity because they stood up against monopolies of the privileged as to provide an equal wealth distribution. In contrast, in regards to individual liberties the Jacksonian Democrats were not guardians as they only gave new privileges to a small demographic of Americans. Collectively, this shows that Andrew Jackson though he successfully provided his Americans with equal political and economic advantages, his occasionally selfish motives overshadowed his ability to make all genders and races equal.
Beginning in the year 1816, the United States was controlled by the one and only political party known as the Democratic-Republicans. This distinct period, originally called the Era of Good Feelings, was titled by the spread of nationalism, patriotism and economic growth. Although many believed this era was full of compromises and improvements, the contradicting side shows the growing sectionalism that formed during this time. John Quincy Adams saw the Era of Good Feelings as the “title page to a gr...

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...ic opportunity. Historians today tend to associate President Jackson with one main event, the “Trail of Tears”; though the installment of the Indian Removal Act can be seen as a low moment in Jackson’s reign, many Americans hold a pre-conceived notion that Jackson was a ruthless president. By becoming educated on the less advertised actions Jackson took during his presidency, one can easily realize that Jackson faced many adversities and answered them all responsibly and wisely, therefore expanding the nation’s territory and eliminating corrupt establishments. Jackson was able to leave a legacy of an American president who rose to the occasion, regardless of the economic struggles at hand, in order to support the common man. One can say that a similar political tactic to Jackson’s is seen in America’s current president - giving hope to the average American citizens.

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