Essay on Andrew Jackson 's Influence On Society

Essay on Andrew Jackson 's Influence On Society

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Andrew Jackson
Many of our early leaders of our country like Andrew Jackson have made a huge impact in history and in our society today. Some people would disagree and argue that Jackson was a very cruel, horrid man who was nothing but selfish and greedy and he did whatever he could do to get what we wanted in life and it did not matter what the consequences were. But what they do not know is that during “The Age of Jackson”, it helped shape the national agenda that we lacked and also fix our American policies that we did not enforce. From believing that the president’s authority was derived by the people, having rotating applicants in politics, and started the power to veto, he made a tremendous impact on our society today that you would have to see it to believe it. Jackson is very a historical figure.
Early Life
The story of Andrew Jackson and his immediate family started in Northern Ireland before they migrated into America because they became were attracted by the promise of a new life. Son of Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, Jackson was born in the Waxhaws region between North Carolina and South Carolina on March 15, 1767. Later on in his life he went on to attend an academy conducted by Dr. William Humphries. “His two older brothers did not share this advantage. They went to a common country school. Because Elizabeth Jackson (Jackson’s mother) was intent on rearing Andrew for the ministry, he had the benefit of a more expensive education.” (Remini 6) Even though his mother attempted to push him to be a Presbyterian minister his interest never caught on to it. In the years 1780-1781, at age 13, Jackson served in the American Revolution and served as a courier alongside with his brother Robert. During the war against...

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...d. From serving in the Revolutionary War and getting captured with his brother and becoming orphaned at such a young age, to becoming our nation’s seventh president and being loved by so many, his legacy will live on. “The Age of Jackson” helped shape the national agenda that we lacked and also fix our American policies that we did not enforce. From believing that the president’s authority was derived by the people and made it for the people and by the people, started the idea of the spoils system, and started the power to veto, he made a tremendous impact on our society today that you would have to see it to believe it. Jackson is a very historical figure.

Reference Page
Ward, John William. Andrew Jackson, Symbol For An Age. Oxford University Press, New York. 1955.
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