Essay on Andrew Jackson And The Bank War

Essay on Andrew Jackson And The Bank War

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In this study, the author familiarizes The Bank of the United States and Andrew Jackson 's fabrication of an anticipating war, which inadvertently saves America. During the 1820’s and 1830’s, The Bank War, a war between the Bank of the United States and President Andrew Jackson, resulted beneficially to America 's future for numerous reasons. Jackson set standards and pushed boundaries, creating larger presidential responsibilities. The Bank of the United States, which earned a prevailing bad reputation along with a substantial amount of animosity, was abolished. While Jackson and the Bank quarreled, they both unknowingly played a role in constituting a tenacious executive branch. A majority of American 's have over-looked the Bank War’s importance to modern society, this inspired the author of “Andrew Jackson and the Bank War”, Robert V. Remini, to emphasize the importance of the Bank of the United States destruction, maximize presidential powers, and the optimization of the governments Executive Branch.

Robert Remini inaugurates his novel by accentuating Andrew Jackson 's greatest accomplishments and the impact left on America. Jackson shaped America as a major- general of the Tennessee militia who was victorious against the Creek Nation in the South, he led a victory in New Orleans by halting a British Invasion ending the War of 1812. Jackson also vanquished the Seminole Indians in 1818, where he then served as Governor of Florida after he seized the land and America purchased the now-state from the Spanish. But his greatest accomplishments took place during his presidency, when he expanded the authority of the chief executive. Between 1829 and 1837, Jackson increased America 's presidential powers when he decided to veto a bi...

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.... Remini makes his opinions and purposes clear but does not try to persuade a reader into forming the same opinions.

America today, two-hundred years later, is still challenged by similar problems. For example, there are too many corrupt people with too much power. An obvious similarity, is the hard work put forth to enjoy a successful and powerful country. The 2016 National Republican Nominee, Donald Trump, has captured "the masses" comparable to Andrew Jackson 's ability during the Election of 1832.

In conclusion, every piece of history is relevant to American 's daily lives. Roberts Remini creates a reliable, fair and credible study that is highly recommended. His attempt to emphasize the significance of the Bank of the United States destruction, the expansion/stabilization of the executive branch and re-introducing Jackson 's important part in the Bank War.

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