Andrew Jackson : A Nation 's Greatness Is Determined By Its Leader Essay

Andrew Jackson : A Nation 's Greatness Is Determined By Its Leader Essay

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A nation’s greatness is determined by its leader. Every four years we put our nation’s fate at risk. Candidates battle for the crown, and hope to achieve the greatness they’ve campaigned and promised. One of the most legendary and memorable elections was in the year eighteen twenty-eight, between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. The election itself and the presidency that followed, won by Andrew Jackson, will forever be stained into our history. Lots of factors contributed into making this election so historic. It started with how the American political scene was and how the philosophies of the candidates differed and how they affected the citizens of our nation. An extremely important factor leading on was specifically Andrew Jackson’s philosophy. After Andrew Jackson won the election and how in his presidency the decisions he made and how they affected the people. What mark these decisions and affects made on our country and how it all played an extremely important role. The election of eighteen twenty-eight was sure to be never forgotten.
At this point in eighteen twenty-eight there were lots of disputes involving politics. Some of these disputes had been problems that erupted in the previous election of eighteen twenty-four, one of them being the corrupt bargain. Jackson had the votes from the popular population and Electoral College; however the Electoral College vote number wasn’t high enough. In unique circumstances like that, the House of Representatives votes for president, in this specific case Adams won the election. Citizens would look back on this event and refer to it as the corrupt bargain. Supporters of Andrew Jackson were then determined to make sure Jackson was their next president in eighteen twenty-eight....

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...can citizens, both for good and bad. He will forever be remembered from his presidency as the president responsible for the Indian removal act, and for his famous rivalries with Calhoun and Clay.
The election of 1828 and the presidency that followed played quite a significant role in our history. Between the decisions and legacy Jackson left on our nation, his philosophy he chose to represent, and what the American political scene was at the time, so many factors made this election stain our history. Jackson won the election fairly, he had the people’s vote and electoral vote, and never stopped representing the common man, no matter his decision during presidency, whether it affected our nation good or bad, it’ll always be quite a lesson to look back and learn from. Jackson, his presidency, and his election of 1828 will forever be remembered and never forgotten.

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