Andrew Jackson : A Civil Rights Hero Essay

Andrew Jackson : A Civil Rights Hero Essay

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I must admit, when I first heard the Treasury was replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, I didn’t care. I’m a busy person; as long as I can spend it, I’m happy. After reading about Andrew Jackson, I don’t have any issues with him being on our currency, but I do not believe he should be sharing a bill with a Civil Rights hero. Jackson had a hard start in life, and I feel that affected his actions later, as an adult. While I may not agree with some of his exploits, I do believe he played an important role in the growth of this country. As uncomfortable as it may be, most countries are built on the blood of their prior inhabitants; this includes the United States. With that said, there is no reason for Harriet Tubman to share this honor with someone who owned slaves and did not want minorities (African Americans as well as Native Americans) to be counted as citizens.
Andrew Jackson came into this world on March 15, 1767. With his father recently deceased, his mother, Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, was forced to live with family. Because of this, Jackson’s mother had to earn her families room and board by working for her relatives. He was surrounded by family, but never really fit in. I believe this led to an inferiority complex in Jackson; causing aggression and the need to “one up” everyone. As a child, he was constantly fighting; trying to prove his strength and worth. It is said, that Jackson would get so worked up he would be “slobbering”. It is my opinion that this is where Jackson started building his legendary personality; dominating those around him with his charisma or hostility. I believe it is because of this personality he accomplished so many things; it is also what led him to treat those he saw ...

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...r and sadness by stating “We are denationalized; we are disfranchised; we are deprived of membership in the human family; we have neither land, nor home, nor resting place, that can be called our own.”
In 1803, Jackson bought Hermitage, a cotton plantation near Nashville. It was 1,050 acres and run by slaves. Jackson was considered to be a “humane” slave owner, because he supplied his slaves with larger food portions, larger quarters and kept families together. While these are humane things, He also demanded complete loyalty, and if a slave ran away he would whip them or put a price on their head. It is said that in his lifetime Jackson may have owned as many as 300 slaves; his plantation required the free labor to make a decent profit. Jackson may have offered his slaves a slightly better life, but he still owned them and had no plans to free them. (Wikipedia n.d.)

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