Andragogy: Creating a Better Understanding of Adult Learning Essay

Andragogy: Creating a Better Understanding of Adult Learning Essay

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A Reflection and Redesign of Psychology
As a parent, one will sit in the car and teach their child the “ABC Song” in hope to learn how to say the alphabet. Do adult learn by the same behavior, or are the learning patterns different from a child? Andragogy means “the art and science of helping adults learn” (Merriam, Caffarella, & Baumgartner, 2007). There are many frameworks that help adult learn, education on the internet, education on tape, and books that can help teach adults the importance that will make them successful. As an adult the ability to learn has become a wide option with self-directed help, where as many would be based off a teacher-directed based lesson. This paper will direct show how andragogy works in a college class such as psychology 101.
Traditional Learning Context
As a college student in 2001, entering into a university became an excited and terrified experience. As general education classes became important for every degree, the thought to get all of those courses out of the way became of importance. Psychology 101is one of those course. Coming from a small school, classes were extremely small; there is no transition from high school to a university. As students enter the required course, eyes grew among the students as the classroom or lecture hall grew in mass numbers. Some would think a classroom of twenty or at the most thirty would be expected, and this was not the case. A total of 64 students entered the lecture hall in search for an education, which few came out with. At Plattsburgh State University the Instructor Marvin Fischer incorporated the lecture into a helpful education environment; however this was just it, a lecture (Plattsburgh State, 2001). Mr. Fischer had no technolog...

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