Ando in the perspective of critical regionalism: Concrete Resistance Essay

Ando in the perspective of critical regionalism: Concrete Resistance Essay

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Through this paper a comparative representation on the definition and background of the evolution of critical regionalism will be explored. Moreover through this essay, the arguments of how ‘Ando’s’ architectural approach is of a ‘critical regionalist’ manner will be examined significantly.
The definition of critical regionalism is a direct approach to architecture that strives to oppose ‘placelessness’ and the apparent lack of identity and character in modern architecture through the use of building's geographical context. The term ‘critical regionalism’ was first established as a concept in the 1980s through papers written by Tzonis, Lefaivre and Kenneth Frampton. Throughout Frampton’s writings he mentions and somewhat commemorates Tadao Ando as a critical regionalist and uses the specific advance as a theory to discuss Ando’s architecture (Frampton, 1983).

Regardless of this ‘label’, Tadao Ando has not used the term “critical Regionalism” in relation to his work, nor has he made any objection about the term being labelled to him. In addition, Frampton’s article “Towards a Critical Regionalism” fails to mention Ando and this provokes an array of questions about whether an appropriate term to describe the architecture of Ando is “critical regionalist” (Frampton, 1983). Furthermore an alternative label, “concrete regionalist” was devised and formulated by Catherine Slessor, currently an editor of the Architectural Review (Slessor, 2000). This expression “concrete regionalist” illustrates Ando’s somewhat poetic and insightful adaptation of concrete with reference to the context of the local area, therefore reducing the ‘critical’ characteristics of both Ando’s theoretical and practical approach towards architecture (2000, p....

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