The And The Living God By Elizabeth A. Johnson Essay

The And The Living God By Elizabeth A. Johnson Essay

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I have been taught that Christianity is a loving religion that cares for all, But this is not always the case. Upon reading, among other theological works, “Quest for the Living God” by Elizabeth A. Johnson, it becomes apparent that Christianity has been used to systematically marginalize women throughout history despite the teachings of the Bible. While it might not be intentional, the negative treatment of Women has been ingrained into Christian teachings over hundreds of years.
Women have been marginalized since the very beginning of Christianity. They were viewed as a “second Eve” (92) who did not deserve the same attention as men. Women were treated as second class citizens. They were willfully ignored by members of the Christianity and were described as “not in the image of God” (92), or as “defective males” (92). I feel that this is wildly inappropriate behavior for modern times. However, throughout the history of Western Civilization, it has been largely a Patriarchal society. However, this is not exclusive to Christianity. It is for this reason that I do not see the historical situations of the marginalization of Women to be out of the ordinary. This is not to say that I agree with it, far from it, just that from a historical standpoint it seems to be normal. Despite the patriarchal society from the biblical days, God is taught as being just as much a Mother as God is a Father (102). The willful ignorance of religious scholars of the time just show that they were making a conscious effort of trying to keep women from retaining any power that they had. This relegation of religious roles in an effort to keep Men in power is a poor example of how Christianity is a religion which promotes for the love and care of all people, ...

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... too many theological works, but I am sure that if I were to read more, my options and thoughts of what I currently view as God could be altered. I am interested in learning more about past feminist theology. I would like to know the thoughts of women on Christianity back when they were actively being excluded. It is interesting to see the thoughts of minorities about the majority in order to price together where changes can be made in order to make a more cohesive functioning organization.
Over time, Christianity has been a religion which claims to focus on what the well-being of everyone especially minorities such as women. However, it is very apparent that most of this is just talk as women alone have been actively excluded from major functioning of Christianity through history. This active exclusion can not lead to the inclusive religion as promised by the Church.

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The Living God By Elizabeth A. Johnson Essay

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